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Dialogsemiconductor Launches Ultra-Small Bluetooth Low Power Consumptionsoc及模块,Help Connect The Next Billioniotdevice

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Highly integrated power management、Charging、AC/DC the power conversion、Wi-FiAnd Bluetooth low energy technology vendorsDialogSemiconductor company(German stock exchange trading code:DLG)Announced today,It is the smallest size in the world、The most power efficient Bluetooth5.1 SoC DA14531And its modules,Simplified development of Bluetooth products,Push Bluetooth low power(BLE)Connection technology for a wider range of applications。

  The chip is also knownSmartBond TINY,Mass production is now available。With the launch of this new product,DialogHas the widest range of Bluetooth in the industrySoCProduct portfolio,Will further expand the company's leading position in the Bluetooth device market。DialogBluetooth chip annual shipments reached1Billion。

  SmartBond TINYReduce the cost of adding Bluetooth low-power connectivity to any system to0.5Dollar(*High annual consumption),Will trigger a new wave of billionsIoTBirth of equipment。

  As devices demand for wireless connectivity continue to grow,To achieve completeIoTThe system is also facing pressure from the cost。SmartBond TINYsolvedIoTEquipment size and cost challenges,It takes a smaller chip size and board size,Reduce the cost of implementing a complete system,And ensure that the performance quality is comparable to that of competitors.。DA14531will Wireless connection features are brought to the fore due to size、Applications that are not possible due to power consumption or cost,Especially the growing field of smart healthcare。SmartBond TINYWill help the inhaler、Dispenser、weighing scale、thermometer、Applications such as blood glucose meters enable wireless connectivity。

  SmartBond TINYThe size is only half of its predecessor,Package size is only2.0 x 1.7 mm。In addition,TheSoCHighly integrated,Just need6External passive device、1Clock source、1a complete power supply for Bluetooth low energy systems。For developers,this meansSmartBond TINYCan be easily loaded into any product design,Electronic stylus、Shelf label、Beacon、Active for item trackingRFIDLabel, etc.。It's for the camera、Products and applications that require distribution networks, such as printers and wireless routers, are also critical。Consumers will also come fromSmartBond TINYBenefit from smaller system size and power consumption,If you use a remote control instead of infrared,And toys、keyboard、Smart credit card and bank card applications。

  SmartBond TINYBased on powerful32BitARM? Cortex M0+?,Integrated memory and a complete set of analog and digital peripherals,In the latestIoT the connection EEMBCBenchmarkIoTMark?-BLEGot a record18300High score。Its architecture and resources allow it to be used as a standalone wireless microcontroller,Or add to an existing design that already has a microcontrollerRFData transmission channel。

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  SmartBond TINYModule combinedDA14531Main chip functions,Help customers make this newSoCEasily add to their product development,No need to verify their platform,Thereby saving time in product development、Workload and cost。

  This module is also designed to ensure that the system can run a large number of applications simultaneously,Minimize the cost of the overall system。will BLEThe cost of the module is reduced to1Below the dollar,Reduced the addition to the systemSmartBond TINYThreshold,Will drive the development of many applications,Helping the new generationIoTdevice。

  SmartBond TINYAnd its module power consumption is only its predecessor(DA14580And basedDA14580Module)And half of all other competing products on the market。TINYRecording new low power consumption ensures longer run times and shelf life,Even with the smallest battery。DA14531IntegratedDC-DCConverter has a wide operating voltage(1.1 - 3.3V),Environmentally friendly disposable silver oxide battery that can be directly applied from large quantities、Powered by zinc empty batteries or printed batteries,These high volume applications include networked syringes、Blood glucose monitor、Temperature stickers, etc.。

  DialogSenior Vice President, Connectivity and Audio Business Unit, Semiconductor CorporationSean McGrathExpress:“SmartBond TINYAnd the introduction of its module is based onDialogAbove the leading position in the Bluetooth market。TINY SoCAnd its modules can be any device(Including disposable equipment)Add wireless connectivity,Will open a new market,Bringing Bluetooth low-power connectivity technology to areas that were previously unavailable。TINYAnd its module's extremely small size and power consumption,Combine Bluetooth5.1compatibility,Will be the next wave of billionsIoTThe birth of equipment lays the foundation。”



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